MicroMarkets: The Future of Employee Catering

MicroMarkets & employee catering

Employee health and motivation are becoming more important in today’s world of work. Employees want to feel good and fit when performing their tasks in the office. Employee catering plays an increasingly important role in this. Young professionals pay particular attention to healthy food in the workplace. Companies can use a range of catering approaches to support their employees with this. We will show you the options available – and why MicroMarkets are the future of employee catering.

Catering at work offers several benefits

Good performance depletes energy levels. When employees invest all their productive and creative energy in demanding challenges they need regular breaks. This allows them to switch off and gather strength through healthy food at work. In particular, sufficient hydration and energising snacks and meals are crucial for regaining motivation and performance.

Traditional employee catering concepts

At present, companies tend to follow three basic forms of employee catering to provide their staff with healthy food at work:

  • Vending machines: Many companies have traditional vending machines on their premises, where employees can purchase smaller snacks at any given time. These have the advantage of only taking up little space and requiring no dedicated staff to serve personnel. The disadvantage is obvious: the range of products on offer is limited. Moreover, vending machines are usually stocked with classic, and often sugary snacks. While these will provide an energy boost, they do not promote a balanced diet.
  • Canteens: Larger companies with sufficient space will often run a canteen. Employees can usually choose from a range of meals, some of which are healthy. Unfortunately, this catering concept is rather expensive. Companies need to finance a spacious area, as well as the canteen staff.
  • Self-catering: Employees without access to a canteen or vending machines need to provide their own meals at work. The plus: They can make sure that they pack healthy lunches for work, and eat exactly the things they love. The downside: Pre-cooking meals or leaving the premises to buy food in the lunch break takes time.

Clearly, neither vending machines nor self-catering are ideal options for employee catering. This is where a new trend comes in: MicroMarkets.

How employees benefit from MicroMarkets

A MicroMarket is a small retail shop in an office, where employees can purchase drinks, snacks and meals via self-checkout. This makes MicroMarkets better than canteens and traditional vending machines, due to advantages such as their:

  • Healthy product range: Companies can tailor the offering in their MicroMarkets. They can meet their employees’ demand for healthy food to go by stocking suitable options, such as smoothies, soups and salads.
  • Convenience: MicroMarkets are set up on the office premises, minimising the time employees spend on getting their energy boosts. This means they have more time to relax, eat and chat with their colleagues.
  • Great efficiency: MicroMarkets cut the queues and waiting time. Paying by smartphone or credit card at the self-checkout is quick and easy.
  • Fair prices: In restaurants, healthy food like salads and smoothies is often expensive. MicroMarkets offer employees nutritious food at a fair price.
  • Continuous availability: MicroMarkets are not tied to break times or office hours – employees can access them at any time, and also pick up snacks before or after work. That means each employee’s need for a small break can be met. This makes MicroMarkets ideal for modern working models, such as flexitime or work-life blending.

How companies benefit from MicroMarkets

MicroMarkets combine the convenience and availability of traditional vending machines with the latest food trends and a feel-good atmosphere. Benefits for companies include:

  • Employee motivation: A large selection of tasty and healthy snacks and drinks drives greater employee satisfaction. This has a positive impact on their willingness to perform and boosts productivity and creativity.
  • A sense of community: In the MicroMarkets, employees can chat with their colleagues about the weekend, or discuss the current state of a project in a modern break-room atmosphere. This brings teams closer together and creates a sense of community.
  • Financial benefits: If you share in the profits, you will also benefit financially. Analysis shows that MicroMarkets attract 18 percent more visitors a day than vending machines, and generate 1.2 sales per visit. In comparison, traditional vending machines only achieve 0.7 sales per visit.
  • Flexibility: Companies can adjust their MicroMarkets to the available space. They can also adapt the food range on offer to the demands of their employees. Inventory management facilitates straightforward sales analysis so that the right products can be offered.
  • Easy management: MicroMarkets are quick and easy to set up. Moreover, maintenance for these small retail shops is straightforward and requires little effort.

Take advantage of a MicroMarket in your company

MicroMarkets meet top performers’ high expectations of healthy food and uncomplicated catering from their employer. They help you create a work atmosphere that motivates and boosts production.

Experience the benefits of a MicroMarkets

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