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Express HUB MicroMarkets: The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Do you like our Express HUB MicroMarket and have some questions? Below we have answered the 10 most frequently asked questions. 

Some questions however can only be answered on an individual basis, which is why we are always happy to help with a personal consultation. 
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Express HUB MicroMarket - convenient and healthy

1. How can my company benefit from an Express HUB MicroMarket?

Companies can benefit from an Express HUB MicroMarket in many ways. They conveniently offer all employees round-the-clock access to fresh, healthy and high-quality food and drinks. As self-service shops with self-checkout, MicroMarkets are also a time-effective method of staff catering.

These small, company-owned self-service supermarkets are more than just a catering station. They are also an inviting location for colleagues to meet up and enjoy their lunch break. In turn, this also improves the overall working atmosphere.

Selection of products

2. Can the range of products be customised?

An Express HUB MicroMarket offers a variety of high-quality and healthy employee meals and snacks, as well as hot and cold drinks. Selecta works with clients to create a compelling range, which is constantly being reviewed and adapted. Our market expertise will ensure that the tailored range of products on offer within your Express HUB MicroMarket, suits your employees’ requirements.

Express Hub MicroMarket's modular design

3. Can we adapt it to our own corporate design?

An Express HUB MicroMarket is available in a range of colours and can be branded with your company’s logo.

It is a modular design which can be adapted to fit different spaces. We provide you with a personalised consultation on how to successfully integrate an Express HUB MicroMarket into your workplace.

4. How are the markets protected against theft?

4. How are the markets protected against theft?

Unfortunately, a 100% guarantee against any theft is impossible, as it also depends on the integrity of your employees.

As part of the Express HUB MicroMarket we offer data-protection-compliant video security, which is shown within the market and has proven successful as a safeguard.

Experience shows that the amount of stolen or expired goods is minimal.

Express HUB MicroMarket products

5. How much do the products in an Express HUB MicroMarket cost?

Express HUB MicroMarket prices are based on retail prices. Due to our long-standing market expertise, we are able to offer attractive rates to you and your employees. Rest assured: all your employees will be able to afford the Selecta products.

Express HUB MicroMarket installation

6. How long does it take to install an Express HUB MicroMarket?

This depends on the size and work required at the location: smaller versions are up and running within a day, while larger versions can take up to 2 days. We always try to install the Express HUB MicroMarket in a way that minimises disruption to your business. All we need is for you to provide an area with easy access to electricity, water and internet. We are happy to give you detailed advice on all technical matters to ensure a smooth installation.

Express HUB payment methods

7. What methods of payment are accepted?

Our terminals accept all common forms of payment, including credit and debit cards, Apple and Android Pay and payment via prepaid accounts. These can easily be set up at so that employees can recharge their credit whenever they like.

Express HUB MicroMarket payment terminal

8. Can we merge our company-own ID cards with the payment system?

We are working on developing our payment terminals to use an RFID reading device, which would allow for the smooth integration of compatible systems.

Express HUB MicroMarket snack products

9. Who takes care of restocking?

Our employees ensure a sufficient and timely supply of products during working hours. We also guarantee short storage times, so that fresh foods are always readily available and expired products are disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Express HUB MicroMarket brought to you by Selecta

10. Who do I contact if something breaks down?

Our service lines are operated by our specially trained staff will gladly assist and handle your request in a timely manner. In addition, you will have daily access to an on-site Selecta sales representative who would be happy to assist you with any questions and queries. Our Service Level Agreement ensures that downtimes are kept to minimum.

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